We started a new tradition with when we receive new vehicles!

We now partake in an honored tradition of blessing our vehicles as they become part of our system of Consistent Quality Care.


Employment Opportunities

We currently have openings! Please check our Employment section for more information!

We offer many great benefits and opportunities for providers to grow and be a part of our Consistent Quality Care team.


Interfacility Transfers

Mauston Area Ambulance assists with various levels of care for interfacility and return trip transportations

Please see our Interfacility Transfers section or contact a Shift Supervisor to obtain information on how we can assist you with your patient transports.


Photo Gallery

Stop in our Community section for great photographs of our crews at events around our community!

Parades, Festivals, the Juneau County Fair are just a few examples of what Mauston Area Ambulance is a part of.